Let's see if I remember this one ...

One of the funniest stoner comedies I've seen in quite some time, Super High Me -- a new documentary starring comedian Doug Benson – takes Morgan Spurlock's successful Super Size Me format and applies it to smoking weed. Benson, who originally began this whole thing by including the Super High Me joke as part of his act, actually decided to go ahead with the ridiculous film and the result is definitely geared more toward the stoner crowd, but funny as all hell nonetheless.

Directed by Michael Blieden, Super High Me is cut into two halves: the first follows Benson around for 30 days while he doesn't get high. See, it's during this time that he puts his body through all sorts of tests -- stress tests, blood pressure, sperm counts, psychic tests and even an S.A.T. test. Once those 30 days are over, Benson spends another 30 days smoking pot morning, noon and night. All pot ... all the time. Naturally, toward the end of the final 30 days, Benson puts his body through all of the same tests to see what, if any, effect marijuana use had on him.

The results aren't all too surprising, and non-stoners may look at a film that doesn't accomplish much at all as a waste of time, but it certainly helps that Benson is a funny stand-up comedian to begin with. Not only that, but the film is peppered with a fair amount of other familiar stand-up comedians, like Sarah Silverman (who gets her smoke on), Bob Odenkirk, Brian Posehn, Zach Galifianakis, Dana Gould, Jeffrey Ross ... and the list goes on. Not all of Benson's peers agree with his marijuana-smoking habit, but when you get that many funny people together for a documentary -- no matter the subject matter -- chances are there will be more than a few laughs. And Super High Me is filled with them.

Sure, this isn't the most brilliant subject matter, but considering the ongoing debate over medical marijuana, those stupid anti-marijuana commercials and the ever-growing fight to legalize the green stuff, it's nice to see a regular guy actually make an attempt at discovering what this stuff does to us and our bodies. Is pot really that dangerous? Is it any worse than alcohol? Benson tackles it all (in a stand-up type of way, of course): how much the government would make if they legalized weed and taxed it, the good and bad behind California's medical marijuana laws and even the preferred way of getting high (by using a vaporizer).

Benson spends a majority of the film visiting medical marijuana shops around Los Angeles, interviewing the folks in charge, as well as following one shop after it's raided by the DEA. See, the main problem with the law is that while it's legal under state law, selling marijuana for medical purposes is still illegal under federal law. So as the DEA fights to shut down the shops, citizens fight to protect their right to get high. Another huge bulk of the film is spent on the road with Benson, showing clips from his stoner comedy routine.

Super High Me is nowhere near the smartest or most thought-provoking documentary you will ever see, but it certainly delivers enough humor to keep even the non-stoners chuckling for an hour and a half. True stoners, however, will most likely place this film on a shelf among their favorites of all time ... then forget it's up there five minutes later.

For more on Super High Me, check out the trailer over here and then find out how you can host your own screening of the film.