Star Trek news is so rare that I have actually been asked by a few people "Oh wow, if you hear anything -- anything, you must pass it on." So I am trying. No snippet is too small, no evasive response too bland. I even know of one Trek fan that was sold on the new movie by just the Simon Pegg story, so there you go -- even the smallest story can change the course of the future.

This one is in a very similar vein. John Cho was interviewed over at AICN for Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay and though he tried very hard, a few Star Trek snippets leaked out. Don't punish him, Mr. Abrams -- how can you resist both Quint and Neil Patrick Harris?

Cho was quick to defend the secrecy surrounding the film. "The reason J.J. [Abrams] wants to keep that under wraps is he just thinks that that the surprise -- he really is looking out for the audience. He feels like it's a good move, so that the audience really experiences it in a fresh way. But what I can say about it is the spirit of it feels like it's honoring what has come before it, just visually, and the script, and all of the actors he has chosen. And it just feels like it is honoring what has come before and I feel like, fingers crossed, we will garner some new fans as well." When asked if he had to try and deepen his voice to imitate George Takei's, Cho admitted that it was pretty impossible. "I couldn't do that. This [deepens voice] is about as low as I can go. That is pretty uncomfortable, and he's like three octaves below that." (If you go read the entire interview, as you should, Quint has sound clips so you can get the full experience of this.)

Harris then proceeded to drill Cho on whether this was a one shot homage, or if the intent was to create a whole new franchise. The answer will probably surprise no one. "I'm not really sure how I can answer that without giving something away. I think there's a possibility of them making more of these, yeah."
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