The yester-year of Disney animation is long in the past, and while you probably won't be getting any epic, artistically-driven Sleeping Beauty-type features any time soon, Enchanted offers those old classic scenes with characters ripped out of the cartoon world and delivered to a crazy and manic Manhattan. Amy Adams' Giselle becomes the victim of her soon-to-be stepmother-in-law's evilness and gets transported to the real world, where life isn't animated and the world is very, very different. From there, we've got cartoon Prince Charmings with James Marsden, who comes to save her, and real life beaus with McDreamy Patrick Dempsey. Oh yes, and of course -- Susan Sarandon as evil mommie dearest doing her best reincarnation of Maleficent.

This is your normal Disney DVD -- there are deleted scenes, bloopers, behind-the-scenes featurettes about the film's "cinematic wizardry," and a pop-up adventure with Pip, Giselle's little friend.

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Now that we have seen the alternate I Am Legend ending on a little YouTube screen, we can now see it on our super-crisp entertainment systems with the Two-Disc Special Edition. Will Smith stars as a scientist who couldn't contain a terrible man-made virus, and now lives in the middle of what was once Manhattan, immune and trying to survive against the infected who hunt him, while trying to come up with a cure using his own blood. Of course, there's also time spent chilling with his dog, and golfing in the Big Apple's ruins, but a guy has to have some fun. There have been back and forth rumblings about this movie, but our James Rocchi, who demands a lot from his films, says: "I Am Legend is a slick, scary, superbly made action/science fiction/horror film with a lot more art, heart and smarts than you'd expect."

Strangely, however, is that while this is a two-disc extravaganza, the "extra" isn't as much as you'd imagine. The second disc only has the whole movie with that alternate ending attached. On the main disc, however, there are four animated comics on the disc, plus the DVD-ROM which leads you to some featurettes online, and trailers that include the first full Lost Boys 2 peek (different than the one from MTV).

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