Is it really Monday already? Here are some casting bites that have popped up over at Variety:
  • Laz Alonso, who played Zeke in Stomp the Yard, has picked up yet another big-buzz role. He's already got gigs in projects like Miracle at St. Anna and Avatar. Now he's also nabbed a lead gig in the upcoming, fourth installment of The Fast and the Furious. In this sequel, Brian (Paul Walker) gets a place on a druglord's racing team to catch the guy in the act. Alonso is going to play "an intimidating street racer" named Fenix who works for the druglord. I'm more interested in the other roles, but this should give Laz some solid mainstream recognition.
  • Meanwhile, Bree Turner, who has been picking up background roles for ten years now (starting off with little bits in films like My Best Friend's Wedding and The Spy Who Shagged Me), has picked up another romcom role. She's going to appear in the upcoming Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler film The Ugly Truth -- this is that comedy where Heigl listens to her chauvinistic co-worker Butler, and takes on his tests to try and find love. I keep wishing this project would fade away, but no such luck.
  • Driving Lessons, not the one with a certain redheaded wizard, has also picked another player. Christina Hendricks has gotten a part in Vivi Friedman's comedy about the mother/wife who gets memory loss after a blow to the head and gets a second chance at happiness. (Williams, who is also listed, was cast back in February.) Hendricks has appeared on a number of television shows from Firefly to Mad Men.
  • Last, but not least, Said Faraj is the latest actor to join the upcoming Green Zone thriller by Paul Greengrass, but there is no word on who he'll play. Faraj has a pretty interesting collection of gigs though -- one of his first roles was a cab driver in Ghost, and most recently, he's been a suicide bomber in that untitled Onion movie.
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