Who's really behind the campaign to boycott all Weinstein Co. films until the original cut of Fanboys is shown in theaters? And are they the same group of people everyone thinks is behind this whole thing? I'll leave it at that. As you've probably already noticed, the whole Fanboys debacle heated up once again today when a press release announcing the Weinsteins plans to release both versions (cancer version, non-cancer version) of the film on DVD, while they "explore" theatrical options, hit the inbox of every movie blogger in the known universe.

This came on the heels of a potential boycott of the latest Weinstein Co. release, Superhero Movie, by a group of Star Wars fans who simply want to see one version -- the original version -- of their beloved Fanboys up on the big screen. Since the press release, the group has responded with plans to still go ahead and stage two large Superhero Movie protests this Friday in New York and Los Angeles. According to a Cinematical source close to the production, no one involved in the film (producers, director, etc ...) were made aware of these newest developments prior to the press release hitting the public. And apparently some folks are pissed.

They're pissed the film is being yanked around. They're pissed at the lack of progress. And they're pissed that the new director brought on (Steve Brill) knows jack about Star Wars. Seriously. Word has it the dude never even saw the original Star Wars when he was hired to re-shoot Fanboys. (But that's a rumor, it hasn't been confirmed and you didn't hear it from me ...)

So what's the deal here? Is this entire nightmare simply a unique (and warped) form of marketing? Heck, even bad publicity is good publicity, and sometimes bad publicity is better than good publicity. When fans are told they can't see something -- no matter what it is -- they immediately band together to protest that fact. And last time I checked, a group of people shouting the name of your film all over the internet isn't exactly a bad thing. The Weinstein boys are great villains -- they know they're great villains -- and I wouldn't be surprised if they were loving this entire thing.

Then again, obviously there's some concern over Superhero Movie. OR, this whole thing was designed to get more people to show up to a theater and go see Superhero Movie. Look, there are no doubt issues with Fanboys on both sides (studio vs. original filmmakers), but no matter who says what, I cannot see The Weinstein Co. releasing two cuts of a film into theaters. They'll go with the one most marketable and, maybe, they'll host a couple of special screenings across the country featuring a double bill or "the other Fanboys cut." That's if the thing doesn't go straight to DVD.

Reaction on the site has been mixed. Some fans think this whole Darth Weinstein campaign is a bit much -- especially for people who haven't even seen the film they're fighting for. I agree there -- I mean, it's like waging a war against a country, thinking they have weapons (because people have told you they have weapons), but never really confirming the existence of said weapons before dropping bombs.

Others are all for the fight.

What say you?

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