At the beginning of the month, Martin Gero's comedy Young People F**king was dealt a big blow by some proposed changes to Canada's film funding requirements. Canadian Heritage officials had announced their plan for "expanding slightly" the criteria for denying tax credits, which would dip into areas of violence and sexual content that lacks an educational purpose. As The Hollywood Reporter describes it, Bill C-10 came about "after Prime Minister Stephen Harper reportedly objected to public subsidies being used to produce and launch Gero's debut."

I'd bet almost anything that Mr. Harper hasn't seen the film. I've said it once, and I'll say it again -- the racy title is not indicative of raunchy, skin-filled sexual content! On the bright side, the motion is currently stalled, and the buzz is helping the romantic comedy, which has been picked up by Maple Pictures. F**king was supposed to be released by Christal Films next month, but producer Steven Hoban took the film back and sold it to Maple, who will release it on June 13 on 25-30 screens. Huzzah! As I described in my TIFF Review, the comedy focuses on a number of sexual situations that take place after what we always see in the romcoms -- what happens after the sex and after the commitment. It's a simple and small-budget film, starring a collection of new actors and notable faces like Carly Pope (Popular) and Callum Blue (Dead Like Me and The Tudors).
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