The Mist
Through the sea of torture porn mania and Korean horror remakes came The Mist -- the sort of movie to attract those who like chills and thrills, as well as those who might only scare themselves with Stephen King, or like what happens when Frank Darabont tackles King's writing. A wet and sticky mist falls upon a small coastal town, but instead of just being eerie, it gets downright deadly as monsters come to prey on those left out in the thick fog. It's strange, completely out of this world, but still believable in that way that taps into your cautious fears.

Thomas Jane got to wipe Dreamcatcher for the minds, or at least dull the memory of it with this film, and he's joined by an intriguing cast that includes Sayles powerhouse Marcia Gay Harden (as a bible reciter no less), the fighter of Demon Knight William Sadler, the American Pie-wanting Chris Owen, and the Infamous-starring Toby Jones.

Instead of giving us one of those annoyingly bare-bones discs that makes you want to smash it into little pieces, The Mist hits hard with a 2-disc collector's edition. On the first DVD, you can check out the feature with commentary by Darabont, deleted scenes with optional commentary, some featurettes/webisodes about Drew Struzan and behind-the-scenes fare, and a trailer gallery. The second offers, get this, the full film in black and white, plus an intro by Darabont, some making-of nibbles and a few bits about the film's fx.

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Wristcutters: A Love Story
In a completely different bloody vein, there's Wristcutters -- a movie I am dying to see and just might have to run down to the video store to nab it this afternoon. This is the sort of strange and memorable indie film that has "cult" written all over it. Patrick Fugit, the young man who once traveled with Stillwater, stars as Zia, a heart-broken dude who commits suicide. Unfortunately, he discovers that instead of black nothingness, fiery pits of hell, or cloud-filled heaven, he gets sent to a purgatory filled with suicide victims -- one that his recent ex girlfriend has also joined.

Obviously, the heartbreak is still fresh, so he sets out to find her, which brings him face to face with a melange of people to have fallen prey to suicide. Shannyn Sossamon co-stars, but there is also a slew of recognizable faces from gritty, musical wonder Tom Waits, to Shea Whigham, Will Arnett, Leslie Bibb, Sarah Roemer, Abraham Benrubi, and Azura Skye.

I guess the marketing powers decided enough was enough with the incendiary, bloody marketing scheme, so there's one hell of a watered-down DVD cover, but there are still goodies inside: commentary with director Goran Dukic, producer Tatiana Kelly, and actors Fugit and Mikal Portnoi Lazarev, the journey of the film, deleted scenes, storyboards, and Fugit's on-set photo gallery.

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