Halle Berry .. Jessica Alba ... Phoebe Cates ... whom did YOU vote as the hottest?

When the summer comes, we believe everyone should cover up as much as possible. Um, not!

We selected 18 of the sexiest women ever to sport swimsuits in movies (yeah, it's a tough job, but ...) and asked you to pick the hottest.

After nearly 12 million votes, here are your picks for the best babes in bikinis. You're welcome.


18 Hottest Women in Swimsuits

    Hottest Women in Swimsuits

    We selected 18 of the sexiest women and men ever to sport swimsuits in movies (yeah, it's a tough job, but ...) and asked you to pick the hottest. After nearly 12 million votes, here are your picks for the best babes in bikinis.

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    18. Keira Knightley

    'Atonement' (2007)

    Knightley's clingy green gown got all the buzz in this WWII-era romance, but there's something strangely seductive about her just-revealing-enough onesy swimsuit. And that saucy white cap is enough to make any man swoon.

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    17. Kate Bosworth

    'Blue Crush' (2002)

    In her star-making turn as a Hawaii surf bum, Bosworth proves a hot bikini isn't just for soaking up sun. The Boz runs, surfs and jet-skis in it, and even wears it as underwear beneath her maid uniform (um, hot). Honestly, why does she even own other clothes?

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    16. Virginie Ledoyen

    'The Beach' (2000)

    Not only does Leonardo DiCaprio discover a (seemingly) utopian island in the underrated drama, he also discovers gorgeous French girl Virginie Ledoyen. Sadly, we haven't seen her in much since ... but she'd sure look good as a mysterious new character on 'Lost' (hint, hint).

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    15. Carrie Fisher

    'Return of the Jedi' (1983)

    Princess Leia's slave-dancer bikini isn't a swimsuit per se -- unless you consider being slobbered on by Jabba the Hut "swimming." That said, thanks to the sexy spectacle of it, a steady stream of water has been required to douse the burning loins of 'Star Wars' fans for the past 25 years.

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    14. Grace Kelly

    'High Society' (1956)

    This shot of the Princess of Monaco may seem a little tame by today's standards, but that's a lot of thigh to show for 1956. No wonder Bing Crosby, John Lund and Frank Sinatra all -- how do you say? -- "wanted a piece of that."

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    13. Nicolette Sheridan

    'The Sure Thing' (1985)

    Long before settling into domestic life on Wisteria Lane, Sheridan was an '80s sex symbol living the high life (i.e. dating Leif Garrett) and starring as the object of John Cusack's desire. The best thing about Cusack's 'Sure Thing'? No boombox necessary.

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    12. Ursula Andress

    'Dr. No' (1963)

    You have to feel sorry for most Bond girls (except one ... see next slide). After Honey Rider arose onto the shore (collecting seashells, naturally), in the first 007 adventure, her successors didn't stand a chance. That's a big pair of shoes -- er, perfect-fitting swimsuit -- to fill.

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    11. Denise Richards

    'Wild Things' (1998)

    Though Richards arguably spends more time taking her bathing suit off than she does actually wearing it in this steamy pulp pleasure-fest, who can argue with the sight of her donning (and removing) dripping-wet Lycra while making out with Neve Campbell?

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    10. Eva Mendes

    'Stuck on You' (2003)

    The Matt Damon-Greg Kinnear comedy about conjoined twins offered up about as many laughs as a separation surgery, but we're not sure anyone noticed. Many viewers were too consumed with the red-hot Mendes -- and an entirely different set of twins.

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