Both of these movies come highly recommended -- by other people, because my personal copies have not arrived yet (Grrr!!!). Still, I've heard from such a wide cross-section of trusted friends and complete strangers that I feel completely confident in suggesting you check these movies out. Both were released in Region 1 DVD editions earlier this week.

Kiltro was one of the movies that people were raving about at Fantastic Fest last fall. As as our own Scott Weinberg noted at the time, Kiltro is an action flick from Chile starring "stuntman-turned-hero Marko 'The Latin Dragon' Zaror." Michael Gingold of Fangoria wrote that, despite a multitude of kung-fu movie conventions, Kiltro succeeds "due to a tongue-in-cheek approach that tweaks the genre's requirements ... and the charisma and abilities of Zaror." The DVD from Magnet Releasing includes deleted scenes, bloopers, fight training and behind the scenes footage, and storyboard action.
"The ferocious French import known as both Ils and Them," wrote the ubiquitous Mr. Weinberg, is "a stripped-to-the-bone stalker thriller in which two unfortunate souls spend one hellacious night trying to evade something extraordinarily murderous." Directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud, the 77-minute flick "is precisely as long as it needs to be." The DVD from Dark Sky Films includes a "making of" feature, "featurettes" on composer Rene-Marc Bini and "The Torture of Clementine," and trailers. One more thought: if you're ordering this online, double check which Them you're getting. I love the 1954 giant ant picture Them!, but this ain't that.
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