Here's a little piece of advice for would-be babysitters: if it's a full moon, you might want to stay home rather than risk getting sacrificed for Satan. That's the premise for the upcoming horror flick The House of the Devil, which stars Jocelin Donahue (pictured) as "a babysitter who runs afoul of a family of devil worshippers."

Greta Gerwig plays the babysitter's best friend; this will be the indie darling's first foray beyond the mumblecore circle of films (Nights and Weekends, Baghead, Yeast). The film will also feature a cameo by Dee Wallace (E.T., The Howling, Cujo), according to Fangoria.

To further the genre goodness, the demon-friendly parents will be played by Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov, a teaming which is almost too evil to imagine. The soft-spoken Noonan was perhaps most spooky as a serial killer in Michael Mann's Manhunter. Woronow was most recently in The Devil's Rejects, but her horror roots stretch back to 1974's Silent Night, Bloody Night. Also cast are A. J. Bowen (as the evil son), John Speredakos, Heather Robb and Brenda Cooney. The title puts me in mind of all those devilish knock-offs that emerged in the '70s, eagerly trying to cash in on the success of The Exorcist. The big question is: can director Ti West deliver? He burst out of the gate with The Roost (bats gone murderous), but last year's Trigger Man slowed down his momentum, and we're still waiting to see what he did with the sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, which should be out Any Day Now. Production on The House of the Devil has begun in Connecticut, so we'll soon see if he can recapture some of that '70s Satanic spirit.
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