With this latest bit of information, I can't say that my hopes are any higher for the indie satire, An American Carol, which seems to now be called, simply, American Carol. In February, I posted about the film that's coming our way from David Zucker and Myrna Sokoloff. I noted that Zucker has classics like Airplane! under his belt, as well as stinkers like some Scary Movie sequels.

Kelsey Grammer is starring as a different sort of Scrooge -- one entrenched in current American culture. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that country star Trace Adkins has signed on to get ghostly in the project, which is also boasting cameos by Jon Voight, Leslie Nielsen, and Dennis Hopper. It's not Trace's involvement that has me unimpressed. It's this description: "The singer will play the Spirit of Christmas Future (aka the Grim Reaper), who uses his musical abilities to help Scrooge avoid a tragic end."
Satire is great. Comedy is great. I can even deal with a little Scrooge, especially with some great actors popping in with cameos. But Scrooge getting saved with country music? Come on! Tacky! (And, to be fair, I'd say the same thing about other types of music that I find more pleasing on the ears.)

What do you think? Will American Carol be a worthy satire, one to bring the form back to its former glory, or will this just be more of the same?
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