Remember that unlikely match up between Disney and Stan Lee? It's finally coming to fruition. Variety has reported that Lee and Disney have announced three titles to be produced by the Mouse and Lee's POW! Entertainment. They are:

Nick Rachet, which will be written and directed by Richard LaGravenese, who recently helmed P.S. I Love You. There's no word on who or what Nick Rachet is, but given his propensity for reusing actors, perhaps we'll see Hillary Swank or Gerard Butler in it.

The second is Blaze, which will be written by Gary Goldman, responsible for the 80's thrills of Total Recall and Big Trouble In Little China. No director announced.

And lastly we have Tigress, written by Zoë Green. Green lacks an IMDB page, but a Google search turns up a Zoe Green who writes for the Guardian, and claims to have worked on Wolverine and the X-Men. The odd thing is that she doesn't have a credit on that show, and none of her directorial projects appear on IMDB. (Is she the Zoe Green who was a sound director on Greg Pak's MVP? Maybe.) I would have more confidence in these projects if there was anything to go on -- I could venture a guess that Tigress will either be about a chick who can shapeshift or a chick who is an assassin, but who knows about the other two.
It appears that Disney has only just awoken to the comic book phenomenon, and is now trying to take anything it can get. The only one I see here who fits with the genre is Goldman -- and Green, if she is really a veteran of Wolverine and the X-Men. (Which is not to say that LaGravenese, who has some fine dramas under his belt, is incapable. He's just a surprising choice.) Otherwise, there's a whiff of bargain basement comic stories here, and even Lee's involvement doesn't inspire much hope in me.
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