In 2003, I trudged to my local neighborhood theater and watched Evil Dead: The Musical. And then I watched it again. It was unique, crazy, fun, and pretty much perfect. Still, I never thought it would ever go beyond the walls of small Annex theaters in Toronto -- until it went to Montreal for Just for Laughs, and then New York City, and now, even a production in Seoul. I loved it for being unique, different, and from the hands of people only a few friends removed. But I never dreamed what would come in its wake.

These days, everything is becoming a musical. It's super-hot -- we've got horror musicals, musicals based on shows/films based on musicals, you name it. It's the unfortunate, money-grubbing result of popularity. Once a few are popular, many will follow, trying to capitalize on the same success until we are drowned in a sea of unoriginality, desperately trying not to suffocate under the weight of copycats. Quickly, what made the breakthrough so special is tarnished, and what was cool quickly becomes the most uncool.

I desperately wish it would happen to musical remakes already. Must everything be made into a musical? Just because a certain cult horror film was surprisingly made into an uber-excellent musical does not mean that every movie can, or should, have the same fate.
a href="">Variety reports that Legally Blonde, which has already played in cities like New York, is going national this fall. Even more shocking, in another story, Variety reports that Bubble Boy is getting some workshop musical treatment. Bubble freakin' Boy. I happen to adore the movie, but we just don't need Shiny Happy musical performers and vato cutting on-stage.

Where will it end? Usually, about here, I'd make a joke about some unheard of film that would never ever become a musical. But honestly, after these, plus A Color Purple, I don't think anything is sacred, or off-limits. Just you wait -- one day we'll get to see Carmen Electra's boobs bouncing around not in 3D splendor, but rather a musical version of Scary Movie. She'll run through the audience, a light spray of water hitting her as she tries to run from the killer in her underwear ... while singing.

Have you had enough yet? Or, are you loving all of these musical remakes?
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