Last year, a screenwriter making his directorial debut -- Tony Gilroy -- went and got himself a Best Director Oscar nomination. William Monahan already has an honest-to-goodness Oscar on his mantel for writing The Departed, but it looks like he'll soon get a chance to broaden his horizons. He's picked up the rights to a 2002 novel by Ken Bruen called London Boulevard, and plans to direct the film himself. It's a crime story about an ex-con who gets a job as a handyman for a rich actress but soon gets embroiled in the violent underworld he used to call home.
Monahan is one of our smartest screenwriters; I loved The Departed, of course, but I also think Kingdom of Heaven is hugely underrated (the three-hour director's cut is basically a masterpiece). He has an obscene number of projects in the pipeline -- Ridley Scott's Body of Lies (which is almost done), a remake of the Korean serial killer hit The Chaser, Jurassic Park IV (at least according to the IMDb), and now this. As for the prospect of Monahan directing, well -- his screenplays to date have seemed to demonstrate a preternatural sense of the mechanics of a good movie, although Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott are such masters of their craft that it's hard to say how much credit the writer should get for those films' ultimate awesomeness. But in any case, his work has been so ambitious and intelligent that I'm eager to see anything with his name in the credits.
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