Take note, studio marketers -- there are movies out there that can show a lot, and explain a lot without spoiling the whole movie. Back in November, I posted about the first Kit Kittredge: An American Girl trailer. It was cute, but it didn't really say much. This time around, it describes all the players, giving enough cuteness for those that love cute kids and family films, and enough about the adults to pique some more mature tastes. (It's not perfectly spoiler-free however. There's a certain brief clip that I would bet comes at the end of the film, but this is family fare for tykes, so it's not really a surprise to see it, and I can forgive it.)

*Correction: The trailer is exclusive to KOL, and was leaked to YouTube, so the post has been changed to embed the KOL trailer.

Starting with the uber-cute and earnest "I will laugh in their faces" start, this trailer has the goods. There's a cute pup and a monkey, a retro theme, and to just make things tasty -- a drunk librarian boarder played by Joan Cusack, and a magician boarder played by The Tooch -- and in case that's not enough -- Wallace Shawn. Sure, yeah, there's Chris O'Donnell and Julia Ormond, but they're not the people attracting me to this whole thing. The first theatrical American Girl adventure hits theaters July 2. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear movie news about Molly, Kirsten, and the rest of the crew soon after.

[via Ace Showbiz]