I do believe Ray Park is the first G.I. Joe actor to speak on the new movie -- which fits, as he's the first character the studio allowed us to see. Park gave a big interview to Geekscape! where he discussed Joe, Snake Eyes, Iron Fist, and the finer points of stunts and martial arts.

Park was determined to snag the role of Snake Eyes for himself. "One of the reasons I always wanted to play Snake Eyes is because I played as him when I was a kid. Star Wars fans and the fans I've met at conventions have said 'You'd be the best Snake Eyes ever if they did a GI Joe movie!' So when I heard they were actually going to do it I did everything possible to try and get in a meeting or try and get an audition cause I wanted to do it for myself, I wanted to do it for the fans and I wanted to do it for my cousins and all my nephews and my kids. It's great to be here and to be able to tell those stories." And he's pretty confident that boys (and girls) who obsessed over the toys, comics and cartoons are going to love the movie. "Oh definitely. Yeah, definitely. You should be big time excited. I'm excited and I'm on set. The sets are unbelievable! The costumes, the wardrobe, the look is unbelievable and it's such a nice, fun set to be on. I mean, I'm lucky - I'm playing Snake Eyes! I get to live out [the character] that I've been playing since I was a kid and now I get to actually be Snake Eyes! It's just bizarre. I feel very lucky."

So, at least there's one cast member who is geeking out and loving every moment on set. I think that usually speaks well for a film, but we're still a long way to the editing room. I'm really envious of Park for getting to fulfill every childhood fantasy he's ever had. Somehow, I doubt I'll ever get a chance to be a Jedi or a pirate captain.

G.I. Joe opens August 7th, 2009.

[via SuperheroHype.com]
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