Gambling college students and cartoon characters dominated North American screens last weekend, but in Asia things were a little different. "Bloody supernatural thriller" Art of the Devil 3 (pictured, thanks to Wise Kwai) scared up $1.3 million in Thailand, according to Variety. Local productions have performed well there this year; ensemble teen comedy Hormones continues to draw crowds after a big opening, and female-driven action butt-kicker Chocolate smashed records in February.

Audiences across the continent curled up with Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, the latest screen adaptation of classic Chinese literature. The pic finished at the top of the charts in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, though not as well in South Korea, according to a different article in Variety. Andy Lau, Sammo Hung and Maggie Q star. South Koreans chose their own box office champion, flocking to local thriller The Guard Post. Well, maybe "flocking" isn't accurate; Variety describes it as "a modest $2.5 million in four days." The film investigates what happened to an entire squad of soldiers that have been mysteriously killed. An unofficial synopsis at IMDb spoils the flesh-eating secret, but you didn't hear it from me.

Hollywood's version of a Japanese monster movie finally opened in Japan and -- shocker! -- opened huge. Cloverfield benefited from "an intensive campaign centered on the Web," says Variety, "which succeeded in drawing the target teens and twenties demo, as well as dating couples." Will wonders never cease?