Ah, Dim Sum -- the Chinese smorgasbord of tasty dishes where tray upon tray of steamer baskets filled with food swims around you until you're stuffed and satiated. Unfortunately, I don't get to order to my heart's content (translation) weekly, since my friend's Dim Sum group is too lazy to coordinate my appearance outside of Facebook. (It's a cult, cult I tell you!) Nevertheless, we're all going to get a taste of the Chinese treat through a new Canadian film that has just gone into production in Vancouver.

Variety reports that Anna Chi is directing a new film called Dim Sum Funeral, and both Bai Ling (Southland Tales) and Talia Shire (I Heart Huckabees) have been added to a cast that already includes Russell Wong (The Mummy 3), Kelly Hu (The Air I Breathe), Steph Song (jPod), Lisa Lu (The Joy Luck Club), Julia Nickson (Half-Life), Francoise Yip (AVPR), and Chang Tseng (Everything's Gone Green). According to Imagination-LLC, the feature centers on four estranged siblings who are called together by their childhood nanny (Shire) when their mother (Lu) passes away.
There is Elizabeth, who has moved to Maui and suffers in a disintegrating marriage, Alexander, a dermatologist in Manhattan who is cheating on his former Miss Taiwan wife, Victoria, who lives near and overeats in anger, and finally the "free-spirited lesbian," Meimei (Song), who stars in "B-grade Hong Kong martial arts films. She's gorgeous, funny, and a bit of a princess." The lucky jPod actress will get to canoodle with Ling, who plays her lover. Each comes together to give their mom a traditional funeral, and to come to terms with all of the controlling and manipulative things the woman had done to them.

It sounds like it could be a pretty interesting film. There's a pretty informative piece on it here, but be warned it has one piece of information that sounds quite spoilery.
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