As much as it would make fans of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and the others happy to see them together again, it's not quite an uplifting premise for a Disney Channel movie to see them all fail and have to re-do their Senior Year. Besides, Zac is starting to bring his mainstream, post-Musical career together now, so I would think that it would be hard, if not impossible, to get him back for another installment. Nevertheless, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the Disney Channel is continuing the series. Silly me, to think that graduation would be the end of it, since High School Musical 3 is, well, "Senior Year."

The Disney Channel is so keen on continuing the series that they've already started working on the next one. Most likely, this will be a new television movie, rather than another big-screen adventure, and they're currently writing the script now. Disney Channel Worldwide president Rich Ross says: "Are we going to have all the cast back? Probably not. Will we have some of them? I hope so." The juniors are now seniors? Freshman now sophomores? To me, this sounds like a new Mickey Mouse Show or something -- a continuing cycle of kids going through high school and singing their hearts out. However, Ross also says: "We have learned that just putting a number next to a title is a very old idea. We have to have a new story." Well, yeah. I'll assume he means a fresh take since it would be pretty interesting if someone just kept remaking the same script over and over. Whatever the case -- HSM is here to stay for the time being.
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