Granted, it's not like Eagle Eye is the Shia LaBeouf flick that has the world on the edge of their seats (cough, Crystal Skull, cough) -- but, the luckiest guy in Hollywood has been busy bouncing between sets for a while now. Paramount and Dreamworks have released the first photo from LaBeouf's political thriller, Eagle Eye (you can see the hi-res version by clicking the image above).

Eagle Eye stars LaBeouf as a slacker type struggling with the mysterious death of his over-achieving brother. When he returns home, he discovers that he and a single mother (as played by Michelle Monaghan) have been framed as terrorists. When the two are forced to join a real terror cell bent on political assassination, they have to figure out a way to bring down the bad guys and get out alive. On a side note: does it make me a jaded moviegoer if I say that I can smell a twist coming involving the dead brother a mile off? em>Eye was originally an idea by Steven Spielberg (who is really starting to look like LaBoeuf's fairy godmother -- I mean, the two are starting to turn into a wholesome version of Scorsese and De Niro) and, at one point, he was also slated to direct. When Spielberg dropped out to work on Indiana Jones, D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) stepped in and Hillary Seitz was in charge of some rewrites. Shooting wrapped for the film in February, and is scheduled to arrive in theaters on September 27th.
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