The cast and crew of New York, I Love You keeps growing and growing. There's not even enough room on the headline to list all the names that were just added. New York is a collection of short stories, part of a "Cities of Love" anthology that was begun by Paris, je ta'ime. New York will reportedly be followed by Shanghai, and then cities in South America and Africa.

The stories are showcasing an incredible variety of actors and directors. Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are both making their directing debut, there's a good representation of international talent, and Brett Ratner hasn't been driven away by pitchforks and torches. Variety reported that Orlando Bloom, Olivia Thirlby, Hayden Christensen, and Ethan Hawke had climbed aboard the film. No word on who's segments they will appear in yet -- but a far better choice for Bloom's career than Prince of Persia, wouldn't you say?

And close on the heels of that casting flood was The Hollywood Reporter's news that Julie Christie, John Hurt and Shia LeBeouf have been cast in Shekhar Kapur's segment, which was scripted by the late Anthony Minghella. Who would ever have imagined it -- the legendary Christie paired up with LeBeouf? Their segment is being described as similar to Minghella's breakout film, Truly Madly Deeply. Christie plays a woman who checks into a hotel that is in between worlds. There, she meets a young man, and together they discover a mysterious connection and understanding of their situation. Sounds eerier than Truly, and a perfect vehicle for Christie. I love that she's back in full force. Now can LeBeouf hold his own against her? I hope so.
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