This week week I'm feeling like one of the Scooby gang. Each trailer I see provides a clue that leads me to the next. For example:

Space Chimps
"From one of the primates who brought you Shrek," says the trailer. Obviously it's not the funny one. This computer animated tale of chimps being launched into space is chock full of jokes from the "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" school of humor. There's the slow-mo walk from The Right Stuff, a slip on a banana peel, and a pratfall followed by "that's gotta hurt." Younger kids may enjoy this one, but the string of cliche jokes is quite irritating. I begrudgingly cracked a smile only once, which is a good indicator that I should avoid this one. As is required by law for all animated features, Patrick Wharburton is one of the voice actors (I love his work as Brock Samson on The Venture Brothers). Monika first posted about this one last June.

Speaking of CGI...

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
I must confess, I've never seen any of the Ice Age flicks, though I always thought casting Ray Romano as a wooly mammoth was inspired. The only recurring character we see in this teaser is Scrat, and in his hilarious pursuit of an acorn he stumbles across a subterranean world in which dinosaurs are still alive and kicking, though anachronistically out of place. Looks like it could be fun, and the fact that it's in 3-D (Beowulfgave me a whole new appreciation of the form) is icing on the cake.

Speaking of Sequels...

War, Inc.
At first I thought this might be a sequel to Grosse Point Blank. John Cusack plays an assassin again, and Dan Aykroyd and Joan Cusack are also in the cast. Apparently, though, this is a completely unrelated story. Cusack plays Brand Hauser, an assassin taking part in the first war to be 100% outsourced to private enterprise. He's been sent into the nation of Turaqistan to assassinate someone named Omar Sharif (presumably no relation). This looks to be a satiric take on modern warfare and might be worth a look. It should also be noted that Hillary is looking downright sultry in this one.

Speaking of Hitmen...

Bangkok Dangerous
Nicolas Cage has a darker take on the life of a professional killer. It's a fast moving trailer that shows quite a bit of action but doesn't give a whole lot of plot details. Cage's character is in Thailand to do away with some people, but he finds himself falling in love along the way. Cage seems suited to the role, and the exotic locale is intriguing. Not exactly on my must-see list, but I may check it out on DVD.

And speaking of assassins...

Chapter 27
Based on the book Let Me Take You Down: Inside the Mind of Mark David Chapman, this film tells the tale of Mark David Chapman and his assassination of John Lennon. Jared Leto plays Chapman, and he's nothing short of amazing. He gained sixty pounds for the role and gives the impression of someone who is truly on the edge of doing something awful. Lindsay Lohan plays Jude, a Beatles fan that Chapman befriends while he's in New York. This looks like it could really be something. From a trivia standpoint, it's interesting that Mark Lindsay Chapman is finally getting a chance to play Lennon. He was orginally cast to play the ex-Beatle in a 1985 made for TV movie, but the similarity of his name to that of Lennon's assassin cost him the role. You can check out Scott Weinberg's review of the film here.

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  • Anamorph - Willem Dafoe plays a detective investigating a serial killer who is enacting a painting style that manipulates perspective, only instead of paint he's using the bodies of his victims.
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - This third installment in the computer animated Ice Age franchise ups the ante with 3-D.
  • The Life Before Her Eyes - Uma Thurman plays a woman whose life has been profoundly affected by a high school shooting.
  • Meet Dave - A space vessel carrying tiny extra-terrestrials is disguised to pass as an earthling and is played by Eddie Murphy.
  • Four Minutes - An embittered piano teacher finds the student of a lifetime in a violent inmate of a women's prison in Germany.
  • Zombie Strippers - Rober Englund and Jenna Jameson star in a film about... well, the title pretty much covers it. Here's the trailer: