At the end of last month, an interview with classic Harold and Maude star Bud Cort popped up on the Austin American-Statesman. It's rather ... biting -- and not because it was a discussion over breakfast. From the get-go, you can tell that interviewer Chris Garcia wasn't happy with the whole experience, in a way that brings to mind Steve Buscemi's take on the matter in Interview. I get the feeling that Garcia never wanted this interview, and that Cort picked up on it right away.

The interview, as Wiley Wiggins pointed out in his blog, is definitely lacking in "meaningful content." Words used to describe Cort throughout the piece range from "picky and precise," to his clothing being "a snazzy shade of melancholy," to "A wounded ego is a big ego. Cort emanates an air of entitlement born of bad luck or bad choices or whatever it is that makes Hollywood such a torture chamber of heartache, anger and rejection." On the one hand, it seems like Garcia was shot down when he tried to navigate any path with the actor, but on the other, Cort doesn't seem to have been given much to work with -- unlike, say, this interview with DVDTalk. Now, in a letter to the editor, Cort had this say: "The breakfast interview he concocted was not only malicious, it was inaccurate and contained downright falsehoods, which he had the gall to attribute to me." He goes on to discuss some of the interview and says: "I basically had to carry the ball during the entire conversation, which was tantamount to sitting with a sponge."

What do you think about the whole affair?
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