My daughter and I are huge fans of the Twilight series. We've both read all three existing books -- Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse -- and are marking the days off on a mental calendar until the August 2 release date of the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, and my daughter and I could discuss the books endlessly.

We've had countless conversations about whether Bella should become a vampire, or if Stephenie Meyer will ever stop teasing us with that and let Edward turn her, already. And whether Bella will have a vampire "superpower" once she does turn, and what that power might be. And which characters we like the most. And so on, and so on, as I'm sure the rest of you hardcore Twilight fans do.

p>Although Twilight is huge with the Young Adult target market, as numerous commenters have noted, there's also a ton of older chicks like myself who dig the series. There's even a website and forums for "Twilight Moms" --older women obsessed with the series and with all things vampire and werewolf. I think there must be something alluring about the idea of immortality and love that appeals to older women as well as teens -- those of us who are older, who are at or near the midpoint of our mortal lives, find the idea of living forever, of not succumbing to age and illness, and being forever young with a hot vampire boyfriend, rather ... alluring.

While I suspect most Twilight fans are obsessed with all-things-Edward, many Twilighters probably also find they identify most with one vampire or another -- or with Bella Swan, who may or my not eventually become one herself. I'd have to say I identify most with Bella. She reminds me a lot of myself at that age; I was generally a lot wilder than Bella, but if a hot vampire like Edward had come my way? I'd have been a creature of the night in no time.

Which Twilight character are you most like?


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