Oh, those Twilight Moms. How great are they? Only a truly obsessed fan would brave a rainy, dreary Pacific Northwest day to go watch part of the shoot for Twilight -- and have the presence of mind to get some great pics as well. Although, as a mom myself, I can attest that if you've been through childbirth, staying home with kids building block towers all day, and picking up formerly wet Cheerios that have crusted dry onto pile carpeting, a day spent in the rain watching a movie you can't wait to see be filmed is the best mom field trip ever. And if I was still in Seattle, you can bet that my daughter and I would be having some bonding time driving down to Oregon to catch the film being shot, too.

Here are my thoughts of what I've seen of the shoot and behind-the-scenes stuff so far. The setting in the pics from this shoot is absolutely gorgeous and really captures the beauty and essence of the Pacific Northwest. As for the potential of the film to not suck, the casting of Bella and Edward in particular was crucial to the book series' ardent fans accepting the film, and I'm digging the casting at this point. Having just seen Kristen Stewart in What Just Happened?, I think she has exactly the right look and attitude to play Bella; she does the brooding teen thing well, but also has the softness and intelligence that's such a part of who Bella is. She kind of reminds me of early Christina Ricci, minus the edge and acerbity that Ricci tended toward.


As for the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward, oh, hell yeah. I was on board with that as soon as it was announced. I loved him as Cedric Diggory, and he has the chops to pull off Edward's brooding intensity. I know some fans didn't think Pattinson was "god-like" enough to play the part of a vampire who's supposed to embody physical perfection, but to me, at least a part of that perception of him is Bella viewing him through the lens of her simulaneous admiration of him, and her view of herself as not worthy of being with such a beautiful person. Bella doesn't view herself as others -- especially Edward -- see her, so it makes sense that her perception of Edwards's perfection would be magnified.

I'm less enamored of the casting of Taylor Lautner as Jacob, but I also recognize that at least a part of that has to be coming from my own loathing of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, which I expect will forever hold its place on my personal list of worst films ever made. I'm trying to get past that and keep an open mind, though. He was just a kid when he made Sharkboy, so I suppose I can't hold him entirely responsible for his role in that truly wretched film.

Anyhow what we really care about is pictures, right? So go check them out! The pic above is from Twilight Moms -- Twilight fans, head on over there to see the rest of the pics; there's a short video, too. And if you've not checked out the Twilight Lexicon fansite, pop over that way while you're at it; they have lots of great info about the book series, the film, and more.

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