Spring isn't just a time when things finally get sunny, warm, and bright, prying away the last grips of winter. It's also school crunch time and the countdown for graduation. For many, both in real life and on-screen, that means exams and then the final hurrah of drinking and teen shenanigans. For a select few, it means a time of crime in Mike Mayer's upcoming indie flick Graduation, which has been picked up by Truly Indie and Magnolia Pictures, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although it may be a low-buzz indie film, there's one name that grabbed me immediately, and a few others that make this worthy of a little attention. The ever-awesome Huey Lewis plays one of the dads, along with Adam Arkin, and the young cast includes Shannon Lucio from The O.C., Riley Smith from Freaks and Geeks, Chris Marquette from The Education of Charlie Banks, Chris Lowell from Veronica Mars, and Aimee Garcia from Spanglish. Heck, I'm just happy to see Lowell in a role where he doesn't get called "Piz." Said to be a comedic thriller, the film follows a group of high school friends who decide to stage a bank robbery on graduation day to help one of their family members who needs money for medical treatment -- the usual good motives for a bad deed scenario. So far, the reviews have beenpositive, and this could be one fun graduation dalliance as the film goes into limited release on May 2 in Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Minneapolis. Either way, it's got Huey. What else do you need? (Yes, I realize my Huey appreciation is large, even after disliking Duets.)
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