This week I've got a quintet of trailers for movies that recall other movies. It's Echoes of Movies Passed on this week's Trailer Park.

House Bunny
I can imagine the pitch meeting for this one starting with a suggestion to remake Legally Blonde, but without all that annoying charm and wit. That theory actually might hold water when you realize the screenplay for this one was written by the same team behind the Legally Blonde script. Anna Faris stars as a Playboy Bunny who, at the age of 27, finds herself kicked out of the Playboy mansion for getting too long in the tooth. With nowhere else to go, she takes a job as house mother to a sorority full of nerds/geeks/dorks, and everybody learns something important (I guess). If there's anything worthwhile here the trailer keeps it well hidden. Here's what Jessica thought. a href="">Bad Biology (Not Safe For Work)
Frank Henenlotter? Holy Jeez, there's a name I haven't seen attached to a movie in a good decade-and-a-half. The director of such inspired schlock as the Basket Case films, Brain Damage and Frankenhookerreturns with what looks like it might be his most twisted film yet. Unaware of one another's existence, a man and a woman with the combined libido of every fraternity house in the continental United States seek sexual fulfillment in many bizarre ways. When their paths cross things get weird. This one is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and many of the attempts at self-gratification seen in the trailer must be seen to be believed. Like a lot of Henenlotter's previous film's, the acting is pretty wooden, but this looks so damn bizarre I've just got to see it. If David Lynch had made low budget exploitation film in the 70s (and perhaps had suffered some form of blunt head trauma) this might be the sort of thing he put out.

Lakeview Terrace

This one reminds me of a fairly obscure flick called Deadly Endwhich I reviewed right here, though I'm betting Lakeview Terrace won't turn my stomach quite as much. Samuel L. Jackson plays a Los Angeles police officer, and he does not take well to the interracial couple that's just moved in next door. He wants them out of the neighborhood, and since he's a well respected member of the LAPD, guess who the law sides with when things turn nasty? It looks like a reasonably well put together film, and Jackson is usually pretty awesome, but I don't think this one is my cup of tea. Eugene had a more positive view and here's his take on the trailer

Hamlet 2
Nope, it's not a sequel to Hamlet, but actually a film about a stage production of a sequel to Hamlet. A failed actor turned high school drama teacher must put on a spectacular production in order to save his department from being eliminated. Our hero apparently gets around the death of all the major characters from the original by introducing a time machine to the story, and somehow Jesus gets involved. The production within the film promises to be raucous and with songs like "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" and scenes involving Satan french kissing the U.S. President are sure to offend somebody. Not only does this recall the many film incarnations of Hamlet, but co-writers Pam Brady and Andrew Fleming have obviously seen The Producers. Sadly, the jokes fall flat and Steve Coogan makes for an unappealing lead. This is a red band trailer, but even the extra helping of raunch doesn't help. I'll pass.

A news crew led by Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter follows a team of firefighters into an apartment building where they find that the residents have been infected by something that makes them brutally violent and ugly as sin. When they try to escape they find that the CDC has quarantined the building and they are trapped. This horror flick (which is a remake of the Spanish film [REC]) looks like it may have something going for it, but I'm troubled that it features two frequently recurring horror themes: the zombie/infection angle that's been done countless times, and the less-frequent-but-still-familiar "found footage" angle used in Cannibal Holocaust,The Blair Witch Project, and Cloverfield. The latter still has some potential, but can't we move beyond the whole zombie thing? Please? Here's what Scott had to say on the trailer.

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  • Brick Lane - Set in the 1980s, Brick Lane tells the story of two sisters from Bangladesh, one of whom is trapped in a loveless arranged marriage.
  • Sangre de Mi Sangre - A young Mexican man seeks a father he has never met in New York City, only to find that someone else has stolen his identity.
  • Blindness - The majority of a city's residents are stricken by a plague that makes them go blind. Here's the trailer:

  • Deception - A disillusioned accountant finds a new reason to live when he joins a mysterious sex club, but he is soon implicated in the disappearance of a woman and the theft of $20 million.