Star Wars

After waiting on a very long line for about an hour, I finally made my way into the IGN Theater for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones panel. The festivities had already gotten underway, and so the theater was packed, dark and hard to navigate. Additionally, I had walked in while they were screening footage for the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which hits shelves in September. The footage looked great (from what I could tell), and I'm looking forward to a game that's set in between Episodes III and Episodes IV as there's so much room to play with there. For more on the game, check out

From there, Steve Sansweet introduced two guys who had just graduated with a doctorate in Star Wars from New York University. It's funny, too, because right before their names were announced the guy next to me leaned over to his girlfriend and said, "Holy crap, I didn't know you could get a doctorate in Star Wars! Why didn't I do that!? Then Sansweet played their senior thesis: a documentary that, in reality, turned out to be the trailer for Robot Chicken's Star Wars episode. Of course, the two guys were Seth Green and Matt Senreich. They, in turn, talked about how that episode is arriving on DVD in July. This will include all sorts of stuff, like the deleted scene they screened featuring George Lucas on a therapist's couch complaining about how other people messed up Star Wars when Lucas let them play in that world (ie: Robot Chicken). Funny stuff.

%Gallery-20928% Those guys left, and Sansweet finally talked about the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars film and television show. They did not show the trailer (which leaked online recently), but they did show a pretty cool behind-the-scenes video of a battle that takes place on the side of a mountain -- the first ever vertical battle in a Star Wars movie. You can check out the behind-the-scenes video below ...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will arrive in theaters this August before heading to The Cartoon Network and TNT in September. Unfortunately, Sansweet did not take questions from the audience.

Indiana Jones

Not much to report on as far as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull goes. They did not show any new footage, but it was nice to see the original trailer up on the big screen for the first time (I haven't seen it before any movie in theaters yet). As we know, the film will arrive on May 22, and on May 13 they'll release all three original Indiana Jones movies on DVD in Special Edition format -- with, I imagine, all sorts of new behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as a preview of the new film. Then he brought out this sweet-looking book chronicling all four films, which he guarded with his life because it contained lots of spoilers. I believe that will hit stands around the time the film comes out (though me being an idiot, I forgot to write down the date). Sansweet also showed the trailer for Lego Indiana Jones; check that out below.

The Dark Knight

Following an extended trailer for Speed Racer (introduced by Paulie Litt, who plays Spritle), the lights remained low and the new Dark Knight trailer was introduced to a loud roar from the crowd. Seriously, the place shook. Apart from being specifically asked not to blog a second-by-second rundown of the trailer (which we won't even though other websites did), we were also told the trailer would debut in about two weeks. Chances are it will arrive after a multi-day viral game before settling into a home online. The trailer itself was pretty good, but not as action packed as the other one. This has more dialogue; more of a story being set up. Still no mention of Scarecrow, but the Joker had a lot of dialogue and Ledger still looks and sounds awesome once you get past a line or two of dialogue -- something we hadn't seen yet. He's got a great, sinister vibe going and I guarantee his Joker will go down as the best. Yup, beating Nicholson. 20 bucks on it! (Okay, five -- I'm broke too.)

There was also a lot of Harvey Dent in this trailer, with a definite love triangle storyline forming between Dent, Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes. While Dent does not show a transformation to Two Face, there is one brief flash showing him lying on the ground, screaming bloody murder. This could be the scene where acid is thrown on his face, though it flashed by so fast there was no way to tell. So look out for The Dark Knight trailer in two weeks, and the film will hit theaters on July 18.