The picture above takes place toward the very end of the scene they showed us yesterday at New York Comic Con, and it comes toward the end of a battle between armed forces and the Hulk. This scene is also predominantly featured in the new trailer which will play before Iron Man in about two weeks. Essentially, the military have Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) on the run. They chase him into this glass tunnel, lock both entrances on either side and launch two smoke-type bombs into the area. Outside, jeeps and a slew of troops gather awaiting Banner's transformation. They want this monster and they want him bad.

Suddenly, as the smoke builds up, we see Banner press his hands against the glass -- his eyes go green, his face fighting the beast within. Smoke fills the screen; it's quiet. Everyone waits. Then ... BOOM! -- the Hulk crashes out of the glass onto this huge field, running for his life. Several jeeps give chase, guns firing from every corner of the screen -- bullets ripping into Hulk's skin; he bumps one jeep and the vehicle rolls over. He gets to another one, picks it up and proceeds to smash it until the thing is in a million pieces. Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), who at this point has been given a few injections of that super serum, heads out to where Hulk is. Hulk tries to beat down Blonsky, but the latter has an extra bounce in his step. For some reason, he's not like the others -- he can move pretty fast. After a brief cat and mouse, the two approach each other (seen above). Blonsky says, "Is that all you got?" Hulk looks down, winds his leg back and goes to deliver a giant kick to Blonsky's stomach ... and we ... cut to black. Those doubting the energy, the fights and fun of this re-boot of The Incredible Hulk should worry no more. Based on the footage shown (which included another scene where Blonsky gets the serum injections for the first time), it would appear director Louis Leterrier got this one right. So far it's been the film low on the anticipation meter; one that hadn't produced a lot of marketing materials like the other summer films, and one that already came attached to this other Hulk film that most people didn't like all that much. But the footage we saw proved this flick is going in an entirely different direction -- a run, fight, kick ass sorta direction.

During the panel, Leterrier kicked things off by telling the audience that they're beginning the final mix next week and that the score is "Star Wars good." The crowd sort of grumbled at that statement; I don't think Leterrier realized what he had said. He carried on, though, saying this one includes "many fights and long ones," featuring Hulk vs. the Army, and Hulk vs. Abomination.

Speaking of Abomination, Tim Roth was on hand to answer a few questions -- once he got past all the fans who wanted to tell him how awesome he was in films like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Asked about how he prepared, Roth said he looked to the comic book -- not knowing anything about the character prior. He took this role for his kids, and as he practiced a scene, he asked his kids whether it was cool or not -- refusing to do anything unless they approved. This, I thought, was very cool -- what an awesome dad. Leterrier did mention -- in a half-jokingly way -- that the special serum they give to Blonsky is red, white and blue -- like the kind Captain America gets. Not sure if this was a joke or not -- but it seemed like they may have been thinking ahead.

After the clips were shown, Kevin Feige was asked about an Avengers movie. He said he'd love to see one eventually, but they needed to see how these other films did first. Once they got on the subject of the Hulk talking, it was time to bring out the BIG surprise -- Lou Ferrigno! And the dude still looks crazy huge! Leterrier said of Ferrigno's role; "it's not a cameo, it's a part and it's funny." Then they got into the whole Hulk talking thing, and Leterrier pointed to Ferrigno, shouting: "Ladies and gentlemen -- the voice of the Hulk!" Ferrigno then did a version of "Hulk Smash" for the crowd. So, based on that, one imagines Ferrigno will be providing the voice of Hulk.

From there we got a look at the world exclusive trailer that will run before prints of Iron Man. A good amount of the trailer reveals the scene we saw in its entirety; it takes us through the film showing Banner on the run, Blonsky's transformation, a little romance between Banner and Betty Ross, and it ends kinda like the other trailer does with Norton preparing to do battle against Abomination. Then, we were all told to hang around a few seconds after the trailer finished for another scene.

We see General Ross wasted at a bar, and in walks this shadow. It's Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark! There are a few lines of dialogue I missed because the crowd is freaking out -- but Stark takes a seat next to Ross and goes, "I hear you have an unusual problem." Ross replies, "You should talk." Then Stark goes, "You should listen." Not sure if the scene ends there or if it goes on, but that's all they showed us. Overall, I was very impressed with what I saw and heard from this film, and I'd like to think this one will surprise us in turning out to be the launching pad for another groovy franchise. We shall see when The Incredible Hulk smashes theaters on June 13.