Twilight fans can almost universally agree on one thing: the book's single most romantic moment is the first time Edward plays the lullaby he wrote for Bella on the grand piano in his home. It's a lovely scene, partly because it's the first time Bella has been invited into the home of Edward's vampire family and been accepted into their midst, and partly because, well, what girl wouldn't swoon having a guy like Edward compose a beautiful song, written just for her?

Twilighters have discussed endlessly which song should be "Bella's Lullaby;" now, via MTV's blog, which has an excellent piece full of yummy interviews with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer comes word that Pattinson himself may compose the lullaby.


Stewart confirmed in the interview that Pattinson has been working on writing the song; apparently, the actor is just as multi-talented as the character he plays, and he has a musical background. Hardwicke cautions that she'll have to wait to hear the finished song to know if the piece Pattinson composes works as the lullaby (nice that she's being cautious, it shows, again, her understanding of the books and the importance of this scene to the flow of the story).

Want more Edward and Bella? Check out MTVs blog for video interviews and more. In the meantime, though, what do you think about Pattinson writing Bella's song? If he does a good job with it, I think him writing this piece could be absolutely perfect, and will make the onscreen chemistry between Edward and Bella feel that much more real.

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