That's right; everyone's favorite gore hound, Eli Roth (Hostel), is taking a vacation from blood and guts and trying something just a little different. Roth spoke with journalists backstage at the NME Awards in LA on Wednesday and announced his next project -- a PG-13 'disaster' flick along the lines of Transformers and Cloverfield. Roth told reporters, "This will be my first big-budget, PG-13, mass-destruction movie; I went total chaos and pandemonium." Roth didn't give many more details than that, but ever the self-promoter, he did tell reporters there would be a "big announcement" about the film next month.

So the obvious question is: Why the change of heart? This is the same guy who wanted topless beheaded chicks on his poster art after all. Roth said that, "I feel like I pushed the violence in R movies about as far as I can push it. I feel like I'm bled out. I wanna switch it up, everyone I know has been saying 'When are you gonna do a movie my kids can see?'" -- forget about kids, how about making a movie that doesn't make a fully-grown woman want to upchuck into her popcorn? Roth seems to have picked up a few bad habits from his mentor Quentin Tarantino, and has had trouble focusing on one project to completion. This latest feature will be the third film he is supposedly directing this year. Roth also failed to mention whether or not he would ever get around to the directing the Stephen King adaptation, Cell -- plus, whatever happened to Trailer Trash? I guess we will have to sit tight for those answers next month, or whenever Roth spills the beans.

[via Coming Soon]
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