I am bracing myself for the negative comments on this one. Variety has announced that Mel Gibson is taking the lead role in Edge of Darkness, the big-screen adaptation of the 1985 BBC miniseries.

It will be Gibson's first acting role since Signs and We Were Soldiers in 2002. He will play a straitlaced police officer whose activist daughter is killed. He takes on investigation of the case, and discovers a trail of corruption that led to his daughter's death. Sounds just up Gibson's alley. He's been a fan of the miniseries for years.

It is being directed by Martin Campbell, who also directed the BBC miniseries, and penned by William Monahan, who was the Oscar-winner behind The Departed. Graham King (also an Oscar winner for The Departed) is producing, alongside Michael Wearing (who produced the BBC original). Filming is set to begin in August, on location in Boston. A solid team all around, and I don't think I've ever seen a bad BBC production. I won't deny it -- I'm pleased to see Gibson return to the big screen. I have always been a fan of his. While his behavior was inexcusable and regrettable, everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone has their demons and I have wished Gibson the best in overcoming his. I owe Braveheart my history degree -- which is a story for another time, anyway.

And with that, scream about the news all you like, but please try to keep it clean and respectful. Hate speech is hate speech, no matter who it is directed at.
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