Boy, you're gone for a few days to cover a film festival, and you miss all kinds of new Twilight news. Here's a roundup of the most recent Twilight goodness:

Over on the Twilight Lexicon blog, they've posted several of new pics from the Twilight set from Twilighter Janae, who's town was used as the stand-in for Forks.

Also on the Lexicon, more set photos, these from Indian Beach, the stand-in for La Push. These have been edited into a nice little video, for your viewing pleasure. And this is just a preview, they're editing more as we speak. Nice job, guys.


Attention, Jasper-fans ... the Lexicon was lucky enough to score an interview with Jackson Rathbone, the actor who's playing the young vampire. Some highlights: his favorite actor is Jack Nicholson, his favorite vampire from Twilight is Victoria (hmm ...), he's a musician, he likes redheads ... and he's single, ladies. Go read all the interview right over here.

Twilight Moms has a nice catch-up list of all the set visits everyone on the planet except me seems to be doing. Man, I wish I was back in Seattle right now, I would so be making the drive down to get some set pics myself.

Also, the Moms and the Lexicon both have up links to Twilight Guy, who's working on an article about Stephenie Meyer and needs your help. Yes, you. I think it's great that a guy is reading the Twilight books and trying to "get" why so many girls and women are into this series (and I'll note, for the record, that my own husband has read both Twilight and New Moon, and is currently working on Eclipse ... he loves the books, and totally gets it). Anyhow, Twilight Guy has a form up where you can give him the insight he's seeking for this article he's writing on Meyer and why she appeals so to girls. If you're a girl, and you love Twilight, go help him out.

TIME Magazine has an article up about Stephenie Meyer, asking the question: Is she the new J.K. Rowling? The article mentions someone having an Eclipse Ball -- what a fun idea. Now my daughter's going to want to have a Twlight-themed party for Halloween. She's already planning her "Alice" costume, and wants me to get her topaz-colored contacts. Because of course, vampires can't have normal eyes (duh, Mom) and if she doesn't have the contacts, it will ruin her entire costume. I suggested she just go as Bella -- you know, dress in normal clothes and stumble around a lot -- but she's not buying that. Here's a heads-up for all you Twilight fans, though -- Cinematical has a Halloween costume contest every year, and this year I may also do a Twilight-themed costume thing just for all you Twilight fanatics, so start planning those costumes now.

And lastly for today: it seems that the current rage with my own 11-year-old Twilight fanatic and her 12-year-old best friend is coming up with Twilight-inspired expressions and curses. Of course, they're at the age where they're trying to get away with saying anything they can that pushes my boundaries, but I have to say, they've gotten pretty darn creative of late. Their favorite expression of the moment seems to be "Oh, my Edward!" but they've also played around with "Holy Cullens!", "Son of a Laurent!", and "Oh, you're such a Laurent!" (the latter usually being targeted at my eight-year-old son, who gets exasperated with the constant stream of Edward-sighing that goes on around here.

What are your favorite Twilight-ish expressions?

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