Back in January, I blogged about the BBC show The Thick of It getting the feature treatment. The film, tentatively titled In the Loop, will be set in the same world as the television show, but it hadn't been determined whether the same characters would pop up. According to the latest post over at The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that the production is going half-fresh. This is particularly noteworthy because the actors are James Gandolfini, David Rasche (United 93), and ... My GirlAnna Chlumsky. Yes, Anna his swam out of the ether and right to BBC remakes!

The film will focus on the inner workings of US and British government agencies and international relations, Chlumsky will play a State Department official, Gandolfini will play a general, and Rasche has signed on to play an undersecretary of state. On the British side of things, Peter Capaldi, Chris Addison, and Paul Higgins from the series are starring with Tom Hollander and Gina McKee.

As for Chlumsky, she disappeared in the '90s, and got her schooling, as well as jobs as a fact checker and editor before deciding to take another stab at the biz. Well, she decided to after some advice from Robert Flack. Yes, Chlumsky says: "Roberta Flack was there [at a nail salon] getting a manicure and recognized me. She told me I should stay in the business. So did a psychic I met on the street." They seem to be right. If you watch TV, you might have caught her in Law & Order or 30 Rock, and now she's got this film on the way, plus Blood Car, Eavesdrop, and My Sweet Misery.

But that's not all -- Variety has just reported the Steve Coogan has been added to the cast. Rejoice!! They also say that the film is about Hollander's British politico and Gandolfini's general attempting "to stop the U.S. president and British prime minister from launching an ill-advised war." Hmm... Sound familiar?
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