Iron Man
is hitting screens this weekend, leaving a trail of positive reviews in its wake. Check out James' and Scott's reviews, and if you need even more iron in your diet, head on over here. With that in mind, this week's Trailer Park is all about the heroes.

Batman: Gotham Knight
Returning as the voice of the caped crusader is Kevin Conroy, who lent his voice to The Bat in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and Justice League. This new version, however, doesn't look like any previous animated version of the character. Going straight to DVD shortly before The Dark Knight hits theaters, this feature offers six different visual interpretations of Batman from six celebrated anime artists. The approach is similar to The Animatrix, which gave an anime take on the universe of The Matrix films. The trailer looks amazing with striking interpretations of not just Batman, but also of the urban sprawl of Gotham City.

I mentioned the teaser for this one in a previous Trailer Park, but now we've got a full length preview to ogle. Will Smith plays Hancock, a hero with super strength, the ability to fly and the power to piss off just about everybody (you don't get that from your average Kryptonian). His hard drinking ways have damaged his public persona seemingly beyond repair, but a PR agent played by Jason Bateman sets out to heal Hancock's relationship with the people. The humor is still there, but the new preview plays up the action, and I've got to say I'm dying to see this. While I'm not as down on Rob Zombie's Halloween remake as some, that film's detractors will probably get a kick out of the scene where Hancock tosses Daeg Faerch, the actor who played the young Michael Meyers, almost into orbit. strong> The Incredible Hulk
Again, we talked about the earlier trailer for old Jade Jaws, and while I liked the first one to a certain degree, this new preview has really piqued my interest. As we all know by now, the franchise is being rebooted with Ed Norton in the role of the tortured Bruce Banner, a fellow you definitely won't like when he's angry. We see more of the pre-transformation Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) and the man's got stones for standing up to The Hulk like he does here, even if he does apparently get the crap kicked out of him for it. This new film seems to be playing up the heroic side of the Hulk, which is interesting because I never saw the Hulk as a hero so much as a monster existing in a super hero universe. Things start going green on June 13.

Hero Wanted
I like Cuba Gooding Jr., though his choices of film projects haven't always impressed me. I'm hoping this one will at least make people forget Daddy Day Camp. The use of the word "Hero" has more of an ironic touch here. Gooding plays a garbage man who attempts to impress a woman by setting up an elaborate heist that he will thwart at a key moment. Things go wrong, of course, and Gooding's character ends up hospitalized and the woman dead, setting him on a path of revenge. Ray Liotta also stars. I don't think this will be the one to revive Gooding's career, since it's recent DVD release comes only a month after its limited theatrical run. Overall it seems pretty unimpressive. Check out the trailer yourself:

Have you ever noticed how sometimes by the time I get to the fifth trailer, its relationship to the week's theme is a bit strained? If not, sit back and admire as I B.S. my way through this one. No heroes super or otherwise in this one, but it does feature a masked man. Like I said, I'm stretching it. Anyway, a group of aspiring actors in a secluded house in the woods decided to jump-start their careers by making a film about a creepy guy with a bag over his head. While there are apparently horror film elements here, the film is mostly character driven, exploring the relationships of the young wannabe actors. It's obviously a modestly budgeted independent that may be of interest, but let me just say I'm tired of small flicks that wave the independent flag by using onscreen titles that look hand written. Here's Eric's review of the film.

This week's new trailers on AOL Moviefone:

  • Glass: A Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts - Documentary covering a year in the life of composer Phillip Glass.
  • I Served the King of England - From the director of the Oscar-winning Closely Watched Trains comes this tale of a manservant's dreams of wealth in 1930s Germany. Check out the trailer here:

  • The Spirit - Will Eisner's classic costumed crime fighter comes to the big screen by way of director and comic book legend Frank Miller.
  • Henry Poole is Here' - Luke Wilson stars as a bitter angry man who just wants to be left alone, but the appearance of a Jesus-shaped water stain on outer wall of his house attracts unwanted attention.
  • Rogue - Killer Crocodile in the Australian wilderness.
  • Tuya's Marriage - When a Mongolian woman is injured at work she must divorce her invalid husband and find a new spouse who will be able to support both her and her ex.
  • American Teen - Documentary following four Indiana teens through their senior year.
  • Savage Grace - Based on true events, Savage Grace features Julianne Moore as a wealthy socialite whose attempts to "cure" her son's sexual orientation end in tragedy.
  • Hamlet 2 - An unemployed actor turned teacher stages a horrifically over the top Hamlet sequel to keep the drama department at his school from being shut down.