With every piece of marketing that comes out for Mike Myer's The Love Guru, I am less sure about whether or not this movie is going to work. The new trailer for the self-help comedy is now up on The Guru Pitka's MySpace page (that's right, he has his very own page), and after watching it I just don't know what to think. The first trailer wasn't so great, but then there were those hilarious You Tube messages. The latest trailer, though, puts the film back in the 'meh' category -- talk about confusing.

Guru is the story of an American-born guru who is hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs to provide counseling to their star player (played by Romany Malco). Joining in on the hilarity are Justin Timberlake (as a French Canadian player), The Daily Show's John Oliver as Pitka's assistant, and Jessica Alba as the love interest.


It's going to be strange to watch Myers find his niche in the current crop of R-rated comedies. Myers seems to come from a tradition of 'silly' humor which always speaks to his love of all things English -- you can practically hear the Benny Hill music in the background. Guru is going to be a far cry from the Apatow brand that has permeated comedy at the moment. Since the trailers don't seem to be helping me make up my mind, I guess I'll just have to take my chances on Guru at the box-office.

The Love Guru opens in theaters on June 20th.