This isn't really earth-shattering news on The Spirit, but it is an interesting item nonetheless. Frank Miller has written a blog for Spike all about his experiences at New York Comic Con. (And if you missed it, which I did, he also reminisces fondly about his rocky relationship with Will Eisner over on the movie's official site.)

Miller writes all about his love for New York, admiration for a comic convention that is rivaling San Diego ("San Diego -- New York's hot on your ass!"), and the excitement of debuting the teaser trailer. "It was with provincial pleasure that I got to introduce The Spirit teaser trailer in the city that so wonderfully inspired Will Eisner, and inspires me like a son of a bitch today. It was, to say the least, the perfect setting."

He continues, "The Spirit movie is a love letter to New York, and here we were: Deborah Del Prete, my producer and a behind-the-scenes warrior without whom the movie would've been unachievable, me, Eva Mendes, who brought Sand Saref to unforgettable life, and Mike Uslan, the man who held tight to the license, and the trust Will Eisner extended him, until he was confident Eisner's treasure could be portrayed with the respect it deserved. And right there, filling the hall was a raucous New York crowd, roaring in response to their first glimpse at what, I believe, is a dream come true for all of us. Only two regrets: I'd have happily suffered Eisner's inevitable criticism, and our inevitable argument, were my Mentor alive to see it."

%Gallery-20100% But the best part? Miller calling out Mendes' admirers: "And, one other regret, a complaint that I have to air in defense of my femme fatale, Eva Mendes: guys, I know she's almost inhumanly beautiful, but some of the "questions" thrown at her ... they were just plain out of line. She handled them with the humor and grace I've learned to expect from Eva, but really ...asking the woman for her phone number? It wasn't funny. Eva is a woman, and an actor of much merit, not a plaything or a proper target for lewd suggestions. She deserves the respect you'd afford any talent. I've known you all for many years. You're better than that. You know you're not going to get a date with her. Don't harass her." I don't know if Miller is consciously trying to ditch that stubborn misogynist label or if the director is just revealing his softer side, but it's charming nonetheless. And I'm not easily charmed.

The Spirit
hits theatres December 25th, 2008. And no cat-calling the girls. Miller will hunt you down!

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