Wasn't there a prophecy of Nostradamus about this? Someone go look.

Variety announced that, inspired by the success of Indiana Jones IV, Paramount has green-lit a fourth installment of Beverley Hills Cop. Eddie Murphy will return to play Axel Foley. Brett Ratner will direct. (I hear the cries of "doom!" from the Internet.) The movie is set to begin filming next year, with a 2010 release.

Murphy's actually the brainchild behind the idea -- and with the way his public image has fallen, it's no wonder he would love a return to the role that made him a megastar. Now we know what he was doing over the holiday weekend! Watching everything from Lethal Weapon 4 to Crystal Skull, saying "I could do that ... again!" (Or perhaps it was to redeem the title from Beverly Hills Chihuahua.) Apparently, Paramount executives were keen to sign the papers because of Murphy's NowhereLand, which he just finished filming. Perhaps this is exactly what he needs to return to his talented, edgier self. Whatever spares the world another Norbit is fine by me.

Honestly though, this Remember the 80's! trend is becoming terrifying and tiring all at once. I suppose we have Lethal Weapon 4 to blame, but that was ten years ago. (Wow -- doesn't seem like it.) Plus, it was made a reasonable amount of time after the third film, so I'm tempted to clear all charges. I think the blame rests solely on Live Free or Die Hard.

Am I being too harsh? Do you want to see a fourth Beverly Hills Cop? I don't remember the third installment being particularly good (although I laughed at the obvious Disney snark), but it has been ages since I saw it. Still, I do have to wonder if there isn't a greater force at work. George Lucas had a cameo in it!
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