Have you ever read a film review in which the critic went to great pains to find meaning and symbolism that really wasn't there? I was reminded of that practice just now as I struggled in vain to find a common theme with which to bind together five previews for today's Trailer Park. Rather than trying to find structure where none truly exists, I'm just going with five trailers I find interesting. Cool?

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Yes, I'm a big enough Kevin Smith fan that I stayed up for the midnight launch of this trailer on the Quick Stop Entertainment site. Unfortunately I didn't realize they meant midnight on the West coast, so I was slightly sleep deprived when I finally caught the trailer this morning. As Erik pointed out in his recent post, Smith states that this is just a teaser and doesn't contain even a second of footage from the actual film. The title characters (played by Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks) are lifelong platonic friends who decide to produce a porn flick together. The teaser shows them auditioning talent, but we only see the two of them as they struggle through the unfamiliar process. No belly laughs, but it is quite funny and charming, while being verbally graphic. This is a bit of a relief, as the "I'm F***ing Seth Rogen" video that was circulating a little while ago featured the two stars riffing on Sarah Silverman's hilarious "I'm F***ing Matt Damon" video without really adding much. More importantly, I learned a new word today: "manscape."
End of the Line
Scott Weinberg reviewed this apocalyptic horror flick at the beginning of April, and as far as I can tell there are still no plans for a theatrical or DVD release. This bums me out because the trailer got my attention with some really creepy creature effects. A religious cult decides it's time for humanity to die and they launch a simultaneous city-wide slaughter. Most of the film's action apparently takes place on a subway car trapped in a tunnel. Not sure how the monsters fit into all this, but I'm hoping to get a chance to find out.

Monster Camp

Battle stations, everyone! We are now at a level twelve nerd alert! OK, I've been to a few too many Star Trek conventions to be tossing the term nerd around, but wow... Monster Camp is a documentary covering a 48-hour Live Action Role Playing (LARP to those in the know) tournament in which players in full costume and regalia compete in a real world version of World of Warcraft. The trailer introduces us to some interesting people, including a man who is playing a Dream Moth (he eats the minds of his fellow characters). The film shows how gaming allows people freedom from their every day lives, whether those lives involve working in a cubicle or being confined to a wheelchair. The gaming life is shown pretty fairly, and from what I can see here the film doesn't resort to making fun of its subjects.

Burn After Reading:
Joel and Ethan Coen are back, and it looks like they've returned to a much lighter tone than the one used in No Country for Old Men. Brad Pitt plays a fitness center employee who finds a disk full of top secret data left behind in the locker room by a government agent played by John Malcovich. Whether you love or despise Pitt, the scene in which Malcovich punches him in the face really makes the trailer (which sports a red band, by they way, mostly for a little double entendre between George Clooney and Tilda Swinton). Frances McDormand is there too as a woman looking to bankroll her plastic surgery via blackmail. This looks pretty awesome. Here's Eugene's take on the trailer.

The Go-Getter
After his mother dies, a teenage boy (Lou Taylor Pucci) steals a car and goes searching for his long-lost brother. An epic one man road trip with a quiet indie feel to it, and an interesting cast. Judy Greer is listed on IMDB as playing a character named "better than toast," (I'll just bet she is) and Maura Tierney is listed as "Hal's Pets." This one goes into limited release on June 6.

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