It is so hard to write about the latest graphic novels headed to the big screen. There are many I haven't read, and most of them sound really cool. I would be broke if I bought them all, and so I must ask you to forgive me if I can't write as authoritatively as I wish to on a book.

With that said, Variety announced that Holding Pictures has snagged the rights to Steve Niles' graphic novel Wake the Dead, a modern retelling of Frankenstein. Jay Russell is set to direct, and James V. Hart is writing the screenplay. The combination of Holding Pictures' head David Lyons, Russell, and Hart has recently been known for family fare like The Water Horse and Tuck Everlasting, so this hardly seems like a natural fit. But, before we cast judgment, it seems actually beat the trades to this, as Niles revealed all in an interview with the site. "Me and Jay have been working for three or four years now to get this going. All through him doing The Water Horse. And we've just been steadily hammering away at it. He's always had a consistent vision and he knows this is a modern re-telling of Frankenstein. It's grim death. It's about as far from My Dog Skip as you can get." Niles is so pleased with the team assembled to tackle his graphic novel, that he isn't even itching to pen the screenplay himself; he's content to produce ... and that bodes well for any adaptation. Pop on over to Shock to read the whole interview, as well as a promo video Russell put together for the film. Additionally, Variety reports that Peter Jackson's WETA will be handling the special effects.

Again, I haven't read it, but the art is pretty striking, and I'm always up for a spin on a classic. Hopefully, there's a reader out there who has and can spill all. For now, I will say that it would be cool to see the Frankenstein story rebooted onscreen without the efforts of Stephen Sommers or Kenneth Branaugh. "Classic horror" seems to be making a comeback, at least in the buzzword category.
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