One Star Trek cast member I have been dying to hear a little from is Zoe Saldana, who plays the very awesome (and famous) Lt. Uhura. I've been charmed by her when she popped up in small roles in The Terminal and Pirates of the Caribbean, so I'm really looking forward to seeing her tackle something big. And now, finally, she talks!

Unlike Simon Pegg and John Cho, who have admitted to being Trekkies, Saldana is new to the world. (Which is funny if you remember her character in The Terminal -- and I am still dying to know if that is how she was cast.) "It was a humbling experience. I met Nichelle Nichols, I worked with Leonard Nimoy. I was not a Star Trek fan before the film. Now I can honestly say that out of respect for the pioneers of this amazing conception, I am. They are amazing. They are the most graceful actors I have ever met. To work with J.J. [Abrams] I just hold him in the highest regard. Up there with James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, they are my idols and my everything .... I feel very blessed and I think Star Trek is going to be amazing." Unlike the boys, who get uniforms that cover all manner of sins, Saldana has to don the famous mod miniskirt. (And this may be the first official confirmation they went retro with the costumes, though enough photos leaked to confirm that.) "All I'm going to say is that for some reason every man on set noticed when I was working. It was like 'God, I don't know - Was it my line? My deliverance? Oh. Okay.' That's all I'm going to say."

But there is one famous line she does get to say -- Saldana happily confirms she gets to say "Hailing frequencies open." Read her entire interview over at -- there's plenty about Nichols, Trek fans, and her fellow cast members. Still a year to go -- Star Trek opens May 8th, 2009.
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