Hey, remember Outlander, the movie about Vikings fighting space monsters in 6th Century A.D.? I had forgotten all about it, until the sci-fi blog io9 brought it back to my attention yesterday. The film -- about a man from another planet (Jim Caviezel) who lands on earth in the year 509 and accidentally unleashes an alien predator on Earth, forcing him to ally with the Vikings to kill it -- played the Cannes market to mixed reactions. But the folks behind UK's FrightFest called it "an absolute joy to watch," praising the performances from Caviezel and John Hurt, the action, and the CGI. There are also some new stills, a couple of which you can find after the jump (a larger gallery is available here).

Alas, there is no American release date for Outlander. The Weinstein Company has the rights, and given their track record we may never see it. That would be a shame, because any movie with a concept that monumentally goofy should -- emphasis on should -- at least be interesting. Vikings vs. aliens has to be a genre film devotee's wet dream. Of course it could also somehow become a completely generic battle flick, which is what some of the photos seem to suggest. On the other hand, that image of what I think is Caviezel's spaceship underwater is awfully tantalizing...

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