Finally, some good news for all those DC fans! Producer Donald DeLine talked to the boys of CHUD about the long languishing Green Lantern film. While nothing has kicked into high-gear yet, the future is bright for Hal Jordan.

DeLine confirmed that Jack Black is no longer attached to the lead role, which should make all fans sigh with relief. And it is no longer being touted as a comedic movie. Isn't it nice when Hollywood wakes up and realizes they've wasted time on a really dumb idea?

They are currently awaiting the first draft of a script by Greg Berlanti, which DeLine was hopeful would be on his desk very soon. They are looking to make it a sensible origin story of Hal Jordan, with all the heroics and aliens the story requires. Okay, I'm guessing on the alien part, but I don't really see them changing that.

Nor has the death of Justice League Mortal affected this Green Lantern movie -- as seems to be the case with all the Justice League characters, since they were operating on completely different wavelengths.
As our Scott Weinberg remarked last month, DC Comics really needs to catch up to Marvel in the movie department -- and a Green Lantern movie is long overdue. He isn't quite as iconic to the label as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are -- but he's close. Fans have stuck with it through countless rumors and comedic rumblings, it is time to reward them.

And at that, Green Lantern fans -- start telling me what you want out of this origin story. Tell me your casting and directing choices, or take this chance to say "Who said we wanted a movie?!"
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