I am as belated in posting this as Empire was -- and I thank them for reminding me.
I stumbled across this direct link to the latest Australia podcast days ago, but honestly forgot to post it. (I blame all the attention they lavished on Hugh Jackman's moleskins.)
This latest installment in Baz Luhrmann's Set to Screen series deals entirely with costume design, and is simply a visual feast. And if you are an aspiring costume designer, they are giving you the chance to enter a design for Nicole Kidman.


This little feature really exemplifies why I am obsessed with film costumes. I think audiences underestimate their impact on a film, but they are really one of the core elements. They set the tone, the era, even the performance of an actor. Costumes can't make or break a film -- plenty of awful movies have had gorgeous costumes, and vice versa -- but they certainly help, and they're usually a good indicator of how much attention the director is paying to the finer points of production.

Costuming is also an incredible amount of hard work, no matter what the film or period. Yet few costume designers ever become household names, even if they are lucky enough to win an Oscar for their work. That's one reason I love what the Internet has brought to filmmaking -- the background people are finally getting some well-deserved attention. You'll see what I mean when you watch this; hopefully you'll drool as much as I did. And I'm not just talking about the moleskins. For more Australia action, check out this clip over on Moviefone while you're at it.

Australia opens November 18th, 2008.

[via The Costumer's Guide]