It seems most TV series can be watched online for free now, so why not also stream episodes of a program like ABC's Wonderful World of Disney? Sure each episode is actually a feature-length Disney-made film, but a TV show is a TV show. Fortunately, Disney seems to agree, as they're putting this summer's crop of WWoD films online for free. Typical of Disney, though, and unlike's library of episodes, each film will only be available for a limited time. Basically, each title will screen on ABC on Saturday night, then it will be up on (specifically the WWoD page) the following week, from Monday through Friday only. Currently, Finding Nemo, which appeared on WWoD June 7, is being offered.

Other movies on the schedule this summer include Monsters Inc., Freaky Friday, The Haunted Mansion, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queenand The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Peter Panwill be the last to air and then stream, during the first week of August. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the one movie making its world premiere on the program, Camp Rock, will also (or is it only?) stream for 24 hours on June 23, on a separate page, after airing a few times on ABC and ABC Family the weekend prior. For those who aren't keeping up with what the tweens are into these days (or missed Monika's post from September), Camp Rock is a Cinderella-like musical starring The Jonas Brothers (indiv: Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas), who are basically a modern-day Hanson and also the next Hannah Montana-size sensation (they even have a 3D concert film in the works). Considering Camp Rock is also slated to be the next High School Musical, your young ones will probably watch all scheduled TV airings and the online stream multiple times (and want the soundtrack when it comes out June 17 and the DVD when it's released August 19)
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