According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment is picking up its first comic book adaptation: Warren Ellis' Red. Erich and John Hoeber, the brothers behind Warner Bros' movie adaptation of Whiteout, will be penning the screenplay. Not only does this make the second Ellis movie in a week (Ocean is being developed by Warner Bros, read our story here), but this is the first DC title to jump the Time Warner ship.

Ellis' three issue book centers on a black-ops CIA Agent, Paul Moses, who's now living the quiet life of retirement. For years, the CIA has left him alone, but when the agency gets a new head, it is decided that Moses has to go. Action sequences and bloody carnage follow.


Of course, that's going by the book description. The Hollywood Reporter says that in the movie, our agent's secret identity is compromised, as is his love interest, and he is forced to reassemble his old team to determine who is hunting him. The Hoebers also explain that their version will involve the dilemma of an older agent having to contend with his younger counterparts, and all their new skills and technological gadgets. ("Back in my day, my Rolex only had a circular saw and electromagnet, none of these Omega watches with their lasers and grappling hooks.")

I think we can expect a very loose adaptation of the book, then, and that could go either way. For every A History of Violence, there is a From Hell. Thoughts on the book or the upcoming adaptation, readers?

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