I'm coming to you live from the tenth annual CineVegas Film Festival in the fabulous Palms Casino and Resort. Yes, that's the very same hotel where the Real World Vegas clan turned a hot tub into a simmering cauldron of gonorrhea. Thankfully, I'm staying in a different suite. I arrived late Friday night, was also fortunate enough to attend the now legendary Britney Spears party, and woke up yesterday with a crippling hangover.

The fest is sponsored by Grey Goose, and to quote the greatest songwriter/pants-wetter of our day, Fergie, Grey Goose got this girl feeling loose! I can't seem to turn around without being handed a cocktail. I can certainly see why Nicolas Cage had such a problem with alcohol in that movie about leaving Las Vegas ... strangely, its title escapes me right now.


Outside of Brit, the fest has been pretty light on celebs. I spotted festival chair Dennis Hopper yesterday, looking as cool as he did forty years ago. I saw Bijou Phillips at a Happy Hour, but couldn't decide which opening line to use. The options were: "I have long admired and enjoyed your nudity" and "So ... you're insane, right?" For some reason, she was the musical entertainment at last night's poolside bash. She carried a tune alright, she's got great singin' genes after all, but still. It was ...odd. Oh, and I also met the world beer pong champion, documented in the film Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong, #1 on my list of must-sees while I'm here. I imagine it will be made into a Will Ferrell movie by the time I'm done typing this sentence.

I've spent most of my time watching short films, however, because I am on the shorts jury. I've never served on a jury of any kind before, and I'm taking it very seriously. I've watched 40+ shorts, and in an hour I'm off to meet with my fellow jurors and select our winners. (Filmmakers, feel free to bribe me.) For the most part, these movies were excellent, and I've got very strong favorites. I'll keep you posted on what we choose and whether or not the discussion comes to fisticuffs. As for right now, I'm off to put some Grey Goose in this coffee ...

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