Be Kind Rewind
When news first broke about the premise of this film, it seemed too good to be true -- Michel Gondry was making a movie about guys who remake classic movies. However, they wouldn't be just remakes; they would be "Sweded" classics because one of the guys had become magnetized and ruined a store full of VHS tapes. It sounded like a wacky dream come true, and it sounded like the perfect film fodder for Jack Black and Mos Def.

In reality, it was almost all there. The quirky bits were brilliant, but the save-the-store back story that Gondry was pressured to add could've been left out. But that didn't matter. Gondry's versions of flicks like Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, and Rush Hour were perfect -- and worth dealing with any sappy-themed fare that followed. Honestly, it could've been a lot worse, and I still would've enjoyed their scheme to film night shots during the day. That bit was sheer brilliance.

Anyway, now you can get your own copy of Be Kind Rewind, one that should be safe from your magnetically laced friends. The DVD offers an extended train scene with Mr. Fletcher, but not too much in the way of other added fare. There's a regular featurette called "Passaic Mosaic," which features chats with cast, crew, and locals, and the theatrical trailer, which isn't much of a special feature at all. I would assume that another disc has to be on the way -- at the very least, to add in Gondry's own Sweded trailer for the film.

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I wasn't sure what to expect from Chaos Theory, a film that boasted Ryan Reynolds acting wacky, with supporting performances from actors like Emily Mortimer and Stuart Townsend. It sounded like it could easily be just another romantic comedy to yawn at. However, surprisingly, it's this comic melodrama with a whole lot of heart and common sense. Reynolds is Frank, a compulsive list maker whose life spins off-track when his wife (Mortimer) messes with the clocks. Instead of just challenging his planned existence, this small act reveals a bigger truth that Frank has to find a way to deal with.

I'm one of those moviegoers who can accept huge leaps of faith, like the unlikely stunts in Live Free or Die Hard, but cringes and recoils at the minute leaps of faith -- the responses, lines, and actions from a character takes that make no rational sense. And that's one of the biggest strengths of Chaos Theory; believe the scenario or not, it still treads in the waters of reality.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a wide-release feature, so there is only one special feature for this disc -- luckily, it's not just a trailer, but some additional scenes.

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