They had me at "Marvel Comics amusement park." They even had me at "Brad Pitt-designed hotel and resort." But the good people of Dubai just won't stop trying to woo me with movie-related developments. Now they're saying: "Bollywood theme park." I got so excited that I almost prematurely bought my plane ticket. Then I realized that the thing isn't exactly constructed yet. Also, I thought about how unfamiliar I actually am with Bollywood films (I took a class, but was only taught so much) and realized it isn't that attractive to someone like me. But for the millions and millions of Bombay-produced cinema fans, this is going to be huge.

Of course, as pointed out in this Empire article, the idea is not for a general Bollywood-themed park. It's specifically related to the films of Yash Raj Entertainment. So, unfortunately, no Mother India-based "Canal of Modernization" flume ride. Or Lagaan-inspired cricket stadium. No Hum Aapke Hain Koun-based women-in-drag show, either. Still, Yash Raj has put out some of the most popular Indian films of this decade, including Bunty Aur Babliand Dhoom. The latter (and its sequel) should be able to lend itself to a cool motorcycle-type ride. Personally, I'd rather see a Bollywood-related theme park open up in or near Bombay, just as Disneyland and the original Universal Studios parks are located near Hollywood. Of course, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida are far away in Orlando, so I guess it's kinda fair. However, like Orlando, Dubai is soon going to have so many attractions that it's difficult to decide which to plan a trip around. What if there's a lot of people (like me) who like Bollywood and Marvel Comics?

The Yash Raj Entertainment District, as the development is being called, will include theme park attractions, a movie palace and a hotel. It is scheduled to open in 2012.
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