The consensus I've gotten from people after they've seen the red-band trailer for the Coen brothers' Burn After Reading is that nobody understands what it's about, and nobody cares, because everybody thinks it looks awesome. Well, if you thought that trailer was confusing, or at least lacking in plot synopsis, just imagine how moviegoers outside the U.S. feel after seeing this new international trailer.

As you can see, marketing to international audiences is more about selling the stars. Hence the CLOONEY, the McDORMAND, the MALKOVICH, the SWINTON and the PITT titles. As for story, there's even less revealed here than in the red-band trailer. In fact, it's almost a joke how little is said about the movie. Each actor/character maybe gets to slip in one or two words, which actually just serve as response to more intertitles telling us about the other major stars of the film: the Coens. p>

I haven't completely decided yet, but I think this trailer might be the better of the two. I like when trailers are short and sweet and show us as little as possible while still making the movie look cool. If this had been the first thing I'd seen of the movie, I'd be more intrigued. Then again, the red-band trailer let me know that Burn After Reading is similar to my favorite Coens movie, Raising Arizona, and that's got me very, very excited.

Of course, I'd see any movie directed by the Coens, so it's not like I'd be any less attracted to this one if it didn't look like my favorite. Burn After Reading will be seen first by an international audience, as it premieres at the Venice Film Festival in August. Those of us in the U.S. will have to wait until September 12.